Arizona Court Will Not Help Win Game Losses

On Thursday, May 22, the Arizona Appeals Court dismissed Jerry Hannosh’s attempt to prosecute the operators of an illegal and off-shore casino gambling website , attempting to sue the court for at least $ 800,000. of losses. Judge Maurice Portley said that the laws relating to this type of crime in the state of Arizona do not apply to the Hannosh case.

He explained that gambling losses are not the type of crime that Arizona laws cover. Hannosh knew what they were up to, including the fact that the website kept 10% of everything he had won. The judge wrote “playing online voluntarily is taking risks. If they choose the right team and the right fees make money, if they choose the wrong team, they lose money and owe the sums, Hannosh, as a player, had what he wanted: an opportunity to win. “

Hannosh’s Complaint

Hannosh based his complaint on the Arizona Organized Crime, Fraud and Acts of Terrorism Act, also known as the RICO Statute. This statute covers any act for which the punishment may be a year or more in prison and which specifically includes illegal gambling.

This statute also indicates that anyone who has a valid reason for claiming that they have suffered personal or business damage due to illegal actions, can and will have the right to seek to recover their money.

Judge Portley continued to report that this type of crime is not included in the loss recovery forecast under the state RICO program. Since the player participating in the online game agreed to know the possibility of winning or losing, as such, the player, Hannosh, decided to voluntarily assume the risk. As such, you will not be able to recover your losses under the Arizona legal system and in particular under the RICO claim.